SMART and Practical Approach

Everything we do starts with one simple approach – be SMART: specific, measurable, actionable,  result-oriented, and timed-bound.

Compliance Health Check, Risk Assessments & Strategic Reviews

We assist ethics & compliance programs in making smart use of their resources and credibility instead of wasting them on pointless bureaucracy. To help you define objectives precisely, deploy resources efficiently, and focus on producing measurable results. We conduct reviews of ethics and compliance programs and proactive risk assessments. These may range from an annual or periodic “health check” of your program performance against benchmarks, to a strategic review to identify enhancements opportunities, or a comprehensive or in-depth review of ethics and compliance risks.

In short, we will work with you to perform the level of review you need.  We have experience in all levels of review, from single or multiple day projects, up to multiple months or quarters reviews, including:

  • Fixed fee basic reviews of written materials and program outlines
  • Assessments of board and management compliance understanding and readiness
  • Single or multi-market “health checks”
  • Multi-staged global assessments in coordination with forensic accounting teams in preparation for, or in hopes of avoiding, a government agency mandated monitorship
  • Following an internal investigation, conduct an analysis of investigation findings to provide guidance for improvements related to program weaknesses or gaps
  • Internal control analysis in coordination with a forensic analysis team

Building and Upgrading Ethics & Compliance Programs

Whether you are building a new ethics & compliance program, wondering whether you need one, or in the processing of upgrading or transitioning your existing program, we provide the expertise to help. We assist companies that are seeking to build or enhance their compliance capacities by helping to assess and train compliance officers and stakeholders, design and implement compliance programs and upgrades, and provide interim and outsourced compliance resources.

These projects are tailored to your needs, whether that is:

  • Drafting initial policies and procedures
  • Training existing compliance organization
  • Assisting companies in hiring/interviewing compliance personnel
  • Assisting in third-party onboarding procedures and due diligence
  • Assisting in M&A corruption risk process
  • Conducting company-wide compliance trainings


We deliver keynotes and training sessions: at employee townhalls, in the boardrooms, and at workshops for specific functions such as sales & marketing, safety, compliance, audit, legal, and human resources. Our presentations provoke thoughts and inspire action.

We are particularly adept at leading training and discussion sessions for cross-cultural audiences. Today’s companies and workforces are comprised or stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds, and a cross-cultural understanding of issues and behaviors are critical even within national geographical boundries.


We have unparalleled experience in working with corporate monitors and we now use that experience to work with companies under monitorships, those facing the potential of monitorships, and with those interested in becoming monitors.

We can:

  • Conduct reviews and make recommendations that may minimize your likelihood of being placed under monitorship
  • Serve as your selected monitor
  • Prepare you for your monitorship
  • Provide you guidance throughout the monitorship process


Hui is a highly sought-after keynote speaker on topics related to ethics and compliance, and an effective and thought-provoking trainer. She speaks frequently at conferences and corporate town halls, and conducts training and outreach to corporate boards and legal and compliance stakeholders.