SMART and Practical Approach

Hui takes a practical, data-driven, and evidence-based approach to compliance. She believes that thoughtful and intelligent compliance is not about doing or spending more, but about being SMART: specific, measurable, actionable, result-oriented, and timed-bound. She also believes that an ethics-centered culture is fundamental to driving meaningful compliance in organizations, and is focused on helping organizations achieve the necessary cultural transformations.

Speaking and Training

Hui is a highly sought-after keynote speaker on topics related to ethics and compliance, and an effective and thought-provoking trainer. She speaks frequently at conferences and corporate town halls, and conducts training and outreach to corporate boards and legal and compliance stakeholders.

Strategic Reviews and Risk Assessments

Hui works with companies in conducting strategic reviews of their ethics and compliance programs and proactive risk assessments. These includes review and enhancements of ongoing programs, design and implementation of new programs, prioritizing program initiatives, as well as assessment and training of compliance officers and stakeholders.


Hui has had unparalleled experience in working with corporate monitors in the Fraud Section. She now uses that experience to work with companies under monitorships, those facing the potential of monitorships, and with those interested in becoming monitors.