Events & Activities

The following are some of Hui’s engagement activities.

UPCOMING: April 12, 2019

Fourth Annual Corporate Compliance Institute at Rutgers Law School in Camden, NJ.

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February, 2019

Keynote speaker at Anti-Corruption conference hosted by the New Zealand Serious Fraud Office. Topic: “Safeguarding Integrity: A Public-Private Partnership.”


November, 2018 – Prague

Presented training session on “Evaluating Corporate Compliance Programs in Corruption Investigations” to the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office of the Czech Republic, followed by lunch with the Czech Attorney General.


October, 2018 – Chicago

Keynote: “To Prevent and Detect: Connecting Ethics & Compliance with EHS.” Construction Industry Ethics & Compliance Initiative 2018 Best Practices Forum.


September, 2018 – Barcelona

Private corporate engagement to discuss principle-based decision-making.


September, 2018 – Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing

“Road show” through Hong Kong and China, leading workshops with hundreds of compliance professionals and meeting with the business press. Keynote speech at five-hundred person forum sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.


July, 2018 – Silicon Valley, California

Consultation with tech companies, and speaking with executives at Stanford University Graduate School of Business Executive MBA Program.


June, 2018 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Round table with Danish compliance community.

Copenhagen 201806.jpg

June, 2018 – Helsinki, Finland

Round table with Finnish compliance community.


June, 2018 – Stockholm, Sweden

Round table with Swedish compliance community.

Stockholm Sign 201806

June, 2018 – Oslo, Norway

Keynote presentation at Oslo Anti-Corruption Conference 2018.

Oslo 2 201806

June, 2018 – Irvine, California, USA

Presentation at the “Measuring Compliance” conference organized by UC Irvine.

Measuring Outcomes

May, 2018 – Madrid, Spain

Keynote presentation at Thomson Reuter’s Compliance International Congress.

Madrid 201805

May, 2018 – Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Participation at round table on compliance and compensation at Harvard Law School.

HLS 201805

May, 2018 – Beijing, China

Round table with compliance community in Beijing.

Beijing 201805

May, 2018 – Lima, Peru

Presentation to Latin American business owners, board members, and CEOs at Inter-America Development Bank’s Sustainability Week.

Lima 201805

April, 2018 – Tokyo, Japan

Keynote presentation at private corporate event.

Tokyo 201804

March, 2018 – Paris, France

Participation at Symposium Ethics and Governance 2018 at the OECD.

OECD 2018Mar

March, 2018 – Santiago, Chile

Keynote presentation at Chile Compliance Week, with participation from the Inter-America Development Bank and hosted by Deloitte.

Chile 2018Mar

February, 2018 – Dallas, Texas, USA

Round table events with Dallas area compliance community.


January, 2018 – Hong Kong

Round table discussion with Hong Kong compliance community.

Hong Kong


December, 2017 – California, USA

Keynote presentation at private corporate townhall.

San Diego

November, 2017 – London, United Kingdom

Compliance conference hosted by Pinsent Mason.

London PinsentMason 2018

November, 2017 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Presentation and panel discussion at Compliance Week Europe.

Amsterdam 2018Nov

November, 2017 – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Keynote presentation on speak-up to UAE-based conglomerate.

Abu Dhabi Mosque


November, 2017 – São Paulo, Brazil

Address Brazilian Court of Auditors.

Brazil 2018Nov

October, 2017 – Houston, Texas, USA

Workshops and round tables with Houston area compliance community.


October, 2017 – Sydney, Australia

Presentation at the International Bar Association Annual Meeting.

Sydney 2018Oct

October, 2017 – Denver, Colorado, USA

Keynote presentation at Converge: “Ethics at the Center”.


September, 2017 – London, United Kingdom

CCO Club round table in London (my home 2014-2015).


September, 2017 – Munich, Germany

Round-table discussion with CCOs in Munich, Germany (my home 1997-2000).


September, 2017 – Paris, France

Speech and workshop in Paris, hosted by the Commission for Strategic Intelligence and Economic Security, Ministry For the Economy and Finance, France.

Paris 201809

August, 2017 – Brazil

Speeches and workshops in Rio De Janairo, São Paulo and Guaruja : Brazilian Controller General’s Office, American Chamber of Commerce, Brazilian Petroleum Institute, CTE Compliance Training and Events, and Anti-Corruption Boot Camp.