The following are selected samples of Hui’s publication, presentations, and press coverage: (*Representative Writing/Recommended Reading)

Publications & Presentations

Bloomberg Law: Columns from Feb 12 2018 onward are posted on my blog page

Ethisphere Magaine: Belief vs. Behavior (March 2018)

*Harvard Business Review: Why Compliance Programs Fail – And How to Fix Them (February 2018)

NYU Law: Motivating Internal Reporting (February 2018)

*Law360 – Hui Chen: 40 Years of FCPA: Compliance, Past and Future (December, 2017)

Video: “Empowering Values” Keynote at Converge17 (October 2017)

Corporate Accountability Through Compliance -Harvard Law Record (September 2017)

Applying the DOJ Compliance Questions to Sustainability/Social Responsibility Audits (August 2017)

*Ethisphere Magazine: CRM of Compliance (July 2017)

*LinkedIn Posting: Mission Matters (June 2017)

Fear Does Not Propel Action: Information Does (June 2017)

*LinkedIn Posting: Precision Matters (May 2017)


Corporate Counsel: On DOJ’s New Compliance Evaluation Guidance (May, 2019)

WSJ: On DOJ’s “New” Compliance Evaluation Guidance (May, 2019)

MSNBC Live: Those Who Defied Trump’s Orders to Interfere in Investigation (April 2019)

MSNBC Live: Paul Manafort Manhattan Indictment (March 2019)

MSNBC Live: Barr Nomination as Attorney General (December 2018)

MSNBC Live: Michael Cohen Guilty Plea (November 2018)

Expansion_Compliance_13092018 – Spanish economic press Expansión (September 2018)

Anti-Corruption Compliance Easier for Small Companies – Global Investigations Review (April 2018)

Monitor Selection Process – Global Investigations Review(January 2018)

WSJ: Proposing Changes to Monitorships (November 2017)

WSJ: FCPA Pilot Program, Monitorships, Russian Investigation (November 2017)

Video & Print: Interview with Bloomberg Law on Employee Values (November 2017)

Brazilian Press Interview – O Estado de S.Paulo (October 2017)

WSJ: Show Me the Numbers on ISO37001 (October 2017)

Measurement Matters – Ethisphere Magazine (October 2017)

Q&A with ACC (American Corporate Counsel) Docket (October 2017)

Voice of Reason – Compliance Week (October 2017)

French Press Interview – L’Opinion (September 2017)

How Hui Chen Prompted a Compliance Evolution at the DOJ (August 2017)

Bloomberg Interview (July 2017)

Corporate Crime in the Age of Trump – Corporate Crime Reporter Interview:   (July 2017)

Mission Matters to Hui Chen – Corporate Counsel (July 2017)

NPR Interview (July 2017)

Interview with Radical Compliance (June 2017)

IBT Coverage on Resignation (June 2017)

Bloomberg: DOJ Compliance Expert Brings Different Touch (June 2016)

WSJ: New Type of Investigation (May 2016)

ECI Interview with Andrew Weissmann (February 2016)

Reality Check at DOJ (November 2015)