Compliance: inspired by ethics, executed with intelligence

We believe in mission-centered ethics and compliance

Ethics and compliance serve a company’s mission and values. Boards, management, and employees deserve to be inspired to ethics, not scared into compliance. Businesses need to be focused on their strategy and growth and should not have to deal with compliance coming “at” them from every angle (e.g. legal, regulatory, quality, environment, corporate social responsibilities). They deserve an integrated and mission-centered approach that provides them with practical guidance directly relevant to their work and ties into their ultimate objective of growth.

We believe in SMART ethics and compliance

Ethics and compliance can – and should – serve to enhance efficiency, not increase bureaucracy. We believe in making smart use of information to develop ethics and compliance strategies that define objectives precisely, deploy resources efficiently, and focus on producing and measuring results.  Thoughtful and intelligent compliance is not about doing or spending more, but about being SMART: specific, measurable, actionable, result-oriented, and time bound.

The greatest risk in life is the possibility of not living your values and achieving your potentials

Empowering Values (Video)