Hui Chen: Global Ethics & Compliance Leader, Speaker, Consultant

The greatest risk in life is the possibility of not living your values and achieving your potentials.

I believe in empowering people and companiesĀ to live their values and achieve their potentials.

To live your values is to inspire your boards, management, and employees to ethics, not scare them into compliance. That’s why I deliver keynotes and training to provoke thoughts and empower actions.

To achieve your potentials is to make smart use of your resources and credibility, and not to waste them on inefficient compliance or pointless bureaucracy. That’s why I have developed ethics and compliance strategies that define objectives precisely, deploy resources efficiently, and focus on producing and measuring results.

Businesses should not have to deal with compliance coming at them from different angles (e.g. legal, regulatory, quality, environment, corporate social responsibilities), but deserve an integrated and mission-centered approach that provides them with practical guidance directly relevant to their work.

Compliance: inspired by ethics, executed with intelligence.

Empowering Values (Video)