Measuring Ethics

Headline: “AT&T wins ethics award – and three hours later the company gets tied to Michael Cohen’s money mess.” The award was “based on process, not performance”, said the organization granting the award. Now, imagine if the hospital where you are about to get your surgery says: “Top surgical center! Based on how often our … Continue reading Measuring Ethics

Our Voices Matter

On April 10, 1933, during a meeting with a German ministry official in charge of university matters, a delegation of deans and professors from Freiburg University were “reminded that dismissals of Jewish faculty members had to be carried out promptly.” The professors pledged that “the decree would be loyally implemented.” By April 12, at 10 … Continue reading Our Voices Matter

Seven Signs of Ineffective Compliance Programs – Expanded

Due to the interest in my article on the "Seven Signs of Ineffective Compliance Programs", I have done a slightly expanded version upon request. = = = = = = Over the years of designing, implementing, evaluating, and improving compliance programs, I have come to recognize indicators of what I believe to be ineffective and … Continue reading Seven Signs of Ineffective Compliance Programs – Expanded